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What is church membership?
Church membership creates a covenant between the church member and God and between that person and other members of the church. People who enter this covenant relationship promise loyalty and trust in one another. Commitment to this covenant empowers people to infuse life in the church with a quality not typically found in human organizations–appreciation and honoring of differences and diversity. Most human organizations survive and prosper because they bring together people who are alike. But the Christian Church, through its sense of covenant, preserves congregational life. It holds members together even when severe struggles over diversity of actions and beliefs occur. The Christian Church makes no distinctions of race, sex, age, tongue, nationality or economic status. It seeks to anticipate, and to be the first sign of, how all people will dwell together in unity in the coming reign of God.

Excerpted from “Membership” from
The 2005 Parish Life and Leadership,
Local Church Ministries, UCC

Becoming a Member
People become members of Samuel United Church of Christ in one of four ways: by baptism and confirmation, or by baptism and profession of faith, or by baptism and re-affirmation of faith, or by letter of transfer from another United Church of Christ or church of any recognized denomination.

Members make a commitment to support the church with their

Time – by worshiping together and serving together
Talents – using the skills, passions, and gifts God has given you
Treasures – supporting the mission and ministry of the church financially

Members have the right to vote at congregation meetings, to represent the congregation at the Association or Conference meetings, and to serve as members of the church consistory or other judicatories of the church.

Periodically we receive new members into the family and fellowship of the church during Sunday morning worship.

If you are interested in learning more about Samuel Church or the United Church of Christ, or about becoming a member, please contact the church office.

From Article III Samuel UCC
Constitution and By-laws