We Are Still Speaking


“Our Faith may be
2000 years old, but
our thinking is not.”

One of the often quoted historical snippets in the UCC goes something like this: “there’s still more light and truth breaking through.” The originator of the phrase was the Reverend John Robinson, pastor to the Pilgrims in Leiden, Holland, in 1620. These familiar words were offered by Robinson to inspire the Pilgrims on the eve of their departure from the familiar to the New World ahead of them.

Robinson hoped that the Pilgrims might continue, in a new and vital way, the Protestant Reformation that had swept Europe. Although Robinson would not leave with the Pilgrims, he called on them not to fear, but rather to be open to God’s continuing revelation. God was present with them in their history. God was also ahead of them—in the new world speaking in new ways.

Another quote we like to share comes from Gracie Allen, “Never place a period, where God has placed a comma.” We believe God continues to lead us and speak to us.

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