We Are Just Peace


“To believe is to care.
To care is to act.”

Several years ago, this slogan was printed on bumper stickers to describe the United Church of Christ. Critics found the slogan lacking because it didn’t mention God at all. For others close to the heart of the UCC, they knew God is at the heart of, and all wrapped-up in, our caring and acting. God creates. God loves. God’s hope for all that God made is one of a peaceable reign of love and justice. Filled with gratitude for all God’s good gifts, God’s hope is our hope. Our hope connects with God’s hope. We share in both God’s vision and work for the entire world.

We, the members of Samuel United Church of Christ, recognize God calls us to being about justice and to make peace in our world, community, and life together. We covenant together and with God to seek the way of justice and peace so as to make a difference in our lives and the lives of all who experience injustice and violence. We will strive for a new world and a renewed church built on the love we see in Jesus Christ, our Lord.

We Advocate for Justice
The History of Just Peace