Free Language Classes




英文课上课时间为每周四上午9:30 至11:30,并提供免费茶点和照顾儿童。

我们和韦伯斯特大学孔子学院合作为社区提供了免费中文课。上课时间为每周五晚6:00至7:30, 授课老师为北京语言和文化大学志愿者。

At Samuel Church we offer free English classes for immigrants and international students. The classes emphasize conversational English, pronunciation, idioms (slang), and everyday use of English and other aspects of the language.

Students and tutors first meet for some general discussion of English, then they break up into small conversational groups usually  with one tutor and one or two “students” to focus on more individualized learning.

English class meets every Thursday morning at 9:30 in the church. Refreshments and free childcare are provided.

Chinese Classes
We work with the Confucius Institute at Webster University to provide free Chinese language classes for the community every Friday evening from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm The teachers are volunteer Chinese teachers from the Beijing Language and Culture University.